bath towel

bath towel
"A highly absorbent and fluffy bath towel that is smooth to the touch with little hairiness. In comparison to other pile fabrics, the surface does not flatten easily and retains its volume, allowing the towel to last for a long time.
"The corners are adorned with endearing chemical laces of roses made of 100 percent rayon that add a touch of lustrous flair.
cotton 100%
"Width 62cm × Length 124cm
(The size does not include the lace )"

"The product is made of delicate textiles and materials such as lace. Please take particular care when handling decorative elements.
The product characteristically shows pile yarn on its surface.
Due to the characteristics of the pile material, it is prone to catch nails, rings, watch straps and other objects.
- Please note that due to the characteristics of the material, wetness from sweat or rain and friction may cause color transfer.
- In case the product has washing instructions, please wash it separately from other laundry items and make sure to rinse thoroughly.
- Do not use bleach.
- Return it to its original shape and let it dry in shade immediately after washing. "

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  • さえらで染めに使用するレースは、最初は真っ白です。この後レースに色を入れていく【 筆染め 】を行なっていきます。
  • 適切な室温・湿度で管理された室内で染料を調合して、当社の筆染め職人が一つ一つ丁寧に筆で染めていきます。レースを筆で染める事によって、暖かみのあるグラデーションに染めることができます。
  • 染めたレースを半日乾かした後、デザイナーと色の確認をとります。
  • 色彩基準を満たしたレースは、その後さえらの縫製工場に送られます。